Yamaha P-143B 88 key w/GHC Keyboard



(Item: 889025142359)
Yamaha P-143B 88 key w/GHC Keyboard: Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard action uses weighted keys to replicate the acoustic piano experience, with a compact design that saves space without sacrificing authenticity. The CFIIIS Premium Grand Piano Voice offers a rich and full sound with deep bass notes, enhancing your musical expression and performance. Damper Resonance DSP recreates the lifelike sound of a grand piano's internal mechanics, adding depth and richness to your playing for a better musical experience. Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling recreates authentic instrument sounds for a lifelike stereo listening experience. With the Smart Pianist app, you can take your piano playing to the next level. This app allows you to control all functions and access additional features that go beyond what the instrument can do alone. With the Rec'n'Share app, you can easily capture your playing in high-quality audiovisuals and instantly share on any social platform. USB to HOST (MIDI & Audio) streamlines your music-making process with a single cable. Effortlessly connect your digital piano to music software and transfer MIDI and audio data. Dual Mode lets you blend two Voices, like piano and strings. Create layered and distinctive sounds to enhance your playing experience and expand your musical skills. Duo mode divides the keyboard into two sections for collaborative practice sessions, perfect for enhancing musical skills and making learning enjoyable. 64-note polyphone allows for seamless and uninterrupted playing, letting the player perform more complex piano pieces with confidence.

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