Yamaha FP-9C Yamaha FP-9C Single Bass Drum Pedal



(Item: 889025115780)
Yamaha FP-9C Yamaha FP-9C Single Bass Drum Pedal: With its swayless stability and sport-bike-inspired visuals, the Yamaha FP9 delivers style and performance that can please the industry's most discriminating players. Ball bearings throughout the pedal, as well as front and rear spikes and a frame-inside-a-frame design, prevent rocking, sliding, and pedal play of any kind. This results in a smooth, nearly 1:1 transfer of energy, even at high intensities. Yamaha's 3-way Quick-Adjusting Cam, paired with independently adjustable footboard and beater travel, make the FP9 a pedal tweaker's delight.

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