Yamaha DTX6K Complete Drum Set



(Item: DTX6K)
Yamaha DTX6K Complete Drum Set: Responsive, expressive, and fun to play Powered by Yamaha's next-level DTX-PRO drum module Features 40 preset kits, 200 user kits, and 400 assignable sounds Packs major value for the beginning to intermediate eDrummer Kit Modifier section lets you dial in room ambience, compression, and special effects with the twist of a few knobs Onboard training tools to hone your skills 3-zone XP80 snare pad with TCS silicone head PCY135 ride pad gives you distinct bow, bell, and edge zones What's included: DTX-PRO module, XP80 TCS snare, 3 TP70 rubber toms, KP65 kick tower, PCY135 ride cymbal, HH65/PCY95 hi-hat, PCY95 crash, RS502 rack stand

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