Whirlwind WI3F-BK-# XLRf Neutrik Engraved/Numbered, Inline Connector

by Whirlwind
(Item: 53100014) This item is located at our Hoffman Pro Systems store at 440 W Sharp Spokane WA 99201. For personalized assistance call us at 509-462-8000 / 1-888-289-6266 / sales@hoffmanprosystems.com (Open 10am-6pm Mon-Sat.)
Whirlwind WI3F-BK-# XLRf Neutrik Engraved/Numbered, Inline Connector: For a small extra charge, Whirlwind inline XLR connectors are available with your logo laser engraved on the barrel. Promote your company, ID your cables permanently and add that extra touch of professionalism. Upgrade or build your system with genuine Whirlwind connectors available in convenient numbered sets. Large laser engraved numbers are easier to see in the dark than small wire labels - they can't be rubbed off. DEALERS - Keep a few sets on display for your customers. Whirlwind connectors are recognized as being of the highest "pro" quality and the ONLY ones available numbered this way. Whirlwind inline connectors have color coded strain relief and a unique labeling area. Available blank or numbered. Our colored strain relief is available in standard resistor colors (Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey, White.)