Vic Firth TW11 Steve Smith Tala Wand Signature Drum Sticks (Pair)

by Vic Firth
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Thin Bamboo Dowels Foam Center Core Tape-Wrapped Handles Length: 15 15/16" Diameter: 0.585" Tightness Adjustment ITEM DETAILS The Steve Smith Tala Wand (TW11) features a foam center surrounded with bamboo dowels wrapped in thin PVC. The Tala Wand has great balance and rebound, while naturally producing a lower volume. L = 15 15/16" Dia. = .585 VIC FIRTH BRUSHES AND RUTES Vic Firth offers a variety of "brushes" designed to deliver a traditional sound or create bold new colors. Each model makes its own musical statement and provides the opportunity for an extensive range of effects.