Vic Firth STATH Tom Aungst Tenor Drum Mallets

by Vic Firth
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Vic Firth STATH Tom Aungst Tenor Drum Mallets: Strong, Responsive Hickory Unique Tapers Cartwheel Nylon Beads Length: 15 3/4" Diameter: 0.700" Feel of Tenor Mallet, Sound of Snare Stick ITEM DETAILS The Vic Firth Tom Aungst Corpsmaster Hybrid Multi-Tenor Stick feels like a normal tenor mallet, but adds the warm wooden sound of a marching snare stick. This unique stick is very balanced, and blends extremely well with tenors and basses. The handle has a 'step-down' design so they're comfortable to hold which also gives the stick an ideal weight. Rimshots won't break the stick too fast - the 'zone' is placed just before the taper begins; this feature also gives the sticks plenty of rebound to help avoid scrapes. These sticks are also very popular indoors, as they're not quite as bright as traditional nylon tenor mallets.