Vic Firth SB Split Drum Brushes (Pair)

by Vic Firth
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Vic Firth SB Split Drum Brushes (Pair): Two-Tiered Medium Gauge Metal Wires Smooth Rubber Handles Spread: 4.5" Diameter: 0.580" Retractable with Pull Rod Varied Weighting of Sound ITEM DETAILS Vic Firth Split Brushes were inspired by Florian Alexandru-Zorn, featuring two tiers of medium-gauge bristles - longer on top, shorter on the bottom. Slide the brushes along the surface and the tiers will split apart, contacting the head in two different rows. This increases brightness and volume to the sound. Three notches in the crimped pull-rods (one more than normal) give you three instant settings to adjust the tightness of the brushes. When fully retracted, the wires are protected by the rubber-coated sleeves.