Vic Firth RM2 ReMix African Grass Stick Set

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Vic Firth RM2 ReMix African Grass Stick Set: Stackable Vic Firth RE-MIX brushes allow you to mix colors and textures around the kit like never before. Each design in the RE-MIX series is a collaboration between world percussionist Pete Lockett (Björk, Peter Gabriel) and Vic Firth, designed to allow trap setters to train beaters to explore new sounds from traditional instruments. The RE-MIX RM2s are made from bundles of stout African grass to give you a good balance of softness and attack, with a delicate, dynamic response and increased definition on cymbals. Pair with either of the harder RE-MIX brushes (Birch RM3, Rattan/Birch RM4) for added output and greater definition. Vic Firth RE-MIX brushes feature comfortable flat handles so as not to hinder your groove in the heat of a set or session.

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