Treeworks TRE35DB Double Bar Wind Chimes

by Treeworks
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Treeworks TRE35DB Double Bar Wind Chimes: Smooth Chromatic Tuning Long Enough for High/Low Sweeps Aluminum/Titanium Alloy Bars Hand-Tied CordLoc Fibers Hold 50 Lbs Fuller & Louder Than Single Row Made in Nashville, TN ITEM DETAILS The TreeWorks Classic Double-Row 35-Bar Wind Chimes are produce a shimmering sweep of magical metallic sound found in thousands of songs and pieces of music. This model features two rows of bars slightly off-set, giving you a fuller and louder sound than the single row model. The bars are tuned somewhat chromatically to give you a smooth glissando that fits perfectly well in virtually any setting. 35 bars is enough to create quite an extended sweep, and you can choose to create only a high or low sound if the moment strikes you. Each bar is made from an aluminum/titanium alloy with 9 other metals blended in, heat-treated for 8 hours to produce a crystalline tone and then polished to a brilliant finish. The bars are tied to the wooden mantle by hand, one at a time, with braided CordLoc material that can withstand 50 pounds of pull. The mantle itself is crafted from solid Tennessee hardwood, oiled by hand to bring out the lovely grain. The hole in the mantle is large enough to fit over the threaded top of any cymbal stand. Simply rotate the top of the stand to a horizontal position. All TreeWorks chimes are made by hand in Tennessee. These lovingly crafted instruments can be found in professional orchestras, Broadway pits, recording studios, and drum corps across the world.