Toca TB4 Tenor Single Tone Percussion Block(s)

by Toca
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Toca TB4 Tenor Single Tone Percussion Block(s): a fundamental rhythm in afro-cuban music. it gets its shape from that of highly resonant asian temple blocks. and it gets its very existence from the need of contemporary drummers and percussionists for a melodic block that can project through high-volume music, withstand the impact of hard playing, and fit virtually anywhere. the distinctive bright-yellow body of the 3/2 block is made of a durable composite material that creates clear, warm percussive tones. a specially contoured ridge on the top edge is designed to with stand repeated high impact while promoting projection. the block is sized and shaped to produce a medium-high pitch that fits melodically between many of the high- and medium-pitched blocks currently available on the market. this will appeal to drummers and percussionists seeking to expand their sonic palette. fitting a block on a drumkit or percussion setup can sometimes be a challenge, because space is always at a premium. the 3/2 block meets this challenge with an innovative mount that allows the block to be swiveled from side to side without having to re-position the clamp. once the optimum positioning has been achieved, the mount secures the block firmly, preventing any possible movement. with its high-volume projection, eye-catching yellow color, and ultra-flexible positioning capability, the toca 3/2 block is ideal for drummers, percussionists, and marching bands.