TightScrew TS42-4 42mm 1 5/8" Tension Rod (4 pack)

by TightScrew
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TightScrew TS42-4 42mm 1 5/8" Tension Rod (4 pack): Keeps your snare and toms in tune - great for heavy hitters No more tuning up between songs Better, more consistent recorded takes Standard 12-24 threads Compatible with most American and Japanese snares Fits most drums from Ludwig, Pearl, Gretsch, Ahead, OCDP, Pork Pie, SJC, Dunnett, Joyful Noise, Longo, and many others Also fits DW/PDP/Pacific drums from 1994 and earlier Nylon inserts last for several head changes Created by drummer Carl Scott Note: you can use TightScrews in slightly longer lengths than your manufacturer tensioners