Squier Deluxe Active Jazz Electric Guitar Black No Case/Bag

by Squier
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Squier Deluxe Active Jazz Electric Guitar Black No Case/Bag: The Squier Deluxe Jazz Bass Active V (five-string) is perfect for either a burgeoning five-string player seeking active tones, or as a low-cost backup for any working musician. An active three-band EQ lets you precisely shape your tone for extra girth, punch or cut, while the easily-accessible slap switch easily switches between modern or vintage tones. The slap switch activates the active electronics, boosting the bass and treble while slightly "scooping" the mids—this tone is ideal for funky slap-style basslines. The comfortable "C"-shaped neck profile of this instrument (the shape of the neck in cross section) is sculpted to impart a vintage-style playing feel. The most prevalent neck profile shape, it’s remarkably comfortable and is ideal for all playing styles. This modern instrument offers a classic touch with a vintage-style five-string bridge with single-groove saddles, offering plenty of tuning stability and sustain. Case not included. Features: Maple neck with "C"-shaped profile and 20-fret ebonol fingerboard Dual single-coil Jazz Bass pickups Master volume, blend control, three-band active EQ with "stacked" bass/treble control knob Mid-scoop "slap switch" Vintage-style five-string bridge with single-groove saddles Quick-release battery compartment Case not included