Shure A95UF Lo Z to Hi Z Transformer Silver

by Shure
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Shure A95UF Lo Z to Hi Z Transformer Silver: This completely reversible transformer matches low-impedance microphones to high-impedance inputs or high-impedance microphones to low-impedance inputs. The transformer permits use of very long microphone cables with either low-impedance or high-impedance microphones. The only requirement is to limit the cable to 4.6 m (15 ft) between the high-impedance end of the transformer and the low-impedance microphone or microphone input. The transformer prevents high-frequency loss, level loss, and objectionable pickup of noise or hum. The A95UF is furnished with a three-socket professional audio connector on the low-impedance end, and with both a standard 1/4-inch phone plug and phone jack adapter for the high-impedance end. A95UF - Line Matching Transformer, Low Impedance Female XLR to High Impedance MC1M Connector with Mating 1/4-inch Phone Plug/Jack