Sabine SQ-1001 Reference Microphone

by Sabine
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Sabine SQ-1001 Reference Microphone: The Sabine SQ-1001 is a high quality, free-field condenser microphone designed for reference use in professional applications which require excellent performance and accuracy in recording, broadcast and live performance sound reinforcement - over a wide range of environmental conditions. Used in conjunction with the Sabine ADF-4000 POWER-Q and the Sabine REAL-Q2 Adaptive Equalizer, the SQ-1001 is the ideal reference microphone for continuous Real-Time Analysis. The SQ-1001 features is a tensioned stainless steel diaphragm, steatite insulator, prepolarized electret on the backplate and chrome plated bronze housing. The extended free field response makes it suitable for acoustic measurements in a variety of environments and for use with IEC 657 type 1 sound level meters. The SQ-1001 requires phantom power (for use with IEC 268-15 voltages of 9-52Vdc), and uses an XLR3 connector. The SQ-1001 is rated to 128 dB SPL. OPERATION Like all aspects of sound reproduction, the “ideal” is most often an “in the field” compromise of the environment within which you work. Microphone is ideally placed within the listener area with a vertical orientation (pointing straight up), permitting it to capture sound in a hemispherical zone from its point of placement. For additional information on proper reference microphone usage, refer to “Doing the Right Thing” by John Murray, published in the July/August 1997 issue of Live Sound! International. It contains options and suggestions for multiple situations often encountered in the field. Features include: • Uniform Free-Field, hemispherical response • Virtually flat response from 20Hz - 19kHz • Long lasting, durable housing construction and finish Microphone type: Pre-polarized Condenser Pickup Pattern Omnidirectional Open circuit Sensitivity 18 mV / Pa (1 Pa=94 dB SPL) Frequency Response 20Hz - 19kHz, (+1 / -3 dB) -4 dB at 20kHz Dynamic R ange 102 dB Maximum SPL 128 dB Noise level 17 dB A weighted / 26dB Impedance 200 Ohms Power Requirement 9 - 52 phantom Housing Machined Brass Weight 5 oz - Vocal Inst Dyn