RDL TX-TPR1A Active STP Receiver

by RDL
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RDL TX-TPR1A Active STP Receiver: The single-pair receiver bridges the input signal from the cable pair set on the front-panel switch during installation. Because this module receives only one cable pair, a LOOP OUT RJ45 jack is provided for connecting additional Format-A receivers. Two other single-pair receivers may be chained to the LOOP OUT jack, or a single two-pair receiver may be connected. In addition to completing the reception of signals from all three Format-A pairs, additional receivers may be connected to the same twisted pair feed. The bridging input circuits used in all Format-A twisted pair receivers allow connection of up to 10 receiver outputs for each cable pair. The possibility of multiple receiver locations adds enormous flexibility in the design of audio routing systems using RDL Format-A products. The power pair and all three audio pairs are fed through from the INPUT jack to the LOOP OUT jack.