pro-mark TXRRWAG Rich Redmond Signature Drum Sticks (Pair)

by pro-mark
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Strong, Responsive Hickory Short Tapers Oval Beads Length: 16" Diameter: 0.595" ActiveGrip Becomes Tackier as Heat Rises ITEM DETAILS Promark Rich Redmond ActiveGrip 595 Drum Sticks are made for pocket playing, designed with short tapers to push the weight forward with an emphasis on power and speed. Oval beads activate the full sound of your cymbals, while making rolls smooth on the snare. The ActiveGrip coating gets tackier as temperatures rise, so you'll always have a good grip even if the sweat is flying off you. They're made of strong, responsive hickory, the most popular wood choice among drum sticks by far. Length: 16" Diameter: 0.595"