Peavey HT94/RD Replacement Diaphragm

by Peavey
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Peavey HT94/RD Replacement Diaphragm:

This is an aftermarket Smooth Replacement Diaphragm for Peavey HT 94, HT94  Titanium diaphragm - 8 Ohm. Pure  flat aluminium voice coil , Kapton coil cone .This replacement kits are equal to or compare in quality with original Peavey diaphragm.   You can replace the Diaphragm by your own in your Peavey HT 94, HT94 Driver . Just purchase the Diaphragm and save high repair cost.

Voice Coil Diameter Screw Mounting Locations Ohmage Aftermarket Replacement for these JBL drivers
44.4 mm (1.75”)

Three holes 120° apart


two holes

180' apart

8 HT 94, HT94