Paiste PAI0005101217 17" Twenty Series Thin Crash Cymbal

by Paiste
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Paiste PAI0005101217 17" Twenty Series Thin Crash Cymbal: The Paiste Twenty Crash Cymbal delivers a full, deep, rich, sparkling sound with a wide range and complex mix. The crash is perfectly suited for applications that require a blooming and breathing crash sound. It's a sensitive feel and soft, yet quick response.

Introduction: 2007

Background: The continuous search for new ways to create cymbal sounds from manually malleable metals has taken Paiste back to the primal and archaic sound energy of traditional CuSn20 bronze. From such alloy the Twenty series is made of and combines the Turkish ancient knowledge with the Swiss precision and time-honored methods. A symbiosis, a completely new blend of sound character

Innovation: To create cymbals of true and dignified quality for highest demands of professional drummers and percussionists

Alloy: CuSn20, also know as "Traditional Bronze"

Quality: Professional

Production: Manual craftsmanship exclusively. Hand alloying, hand hammering, hand lathing. Proprietary manufacturing methods

Applications: Medium soft to loud settings. Live and recording. Pop, Blues, Soul, Rock, Jazz, Big Band, R&B, Country, Acoustic Music, percussive settings, classical applications and Latin styles.

Users: Professional drummers, recording artists, studio owners. Sound enthusiasts and collectors.

Sound: Warm, broad, deep, sparkling, dark, oriental, trashy, bright and forceful. This crash cymbal produces a certain raw and untamed sort of a mystical force, yet with the harmony, balance and consistent quality that is a Paiste trademark for decades.

Paiste Twenty Thin Crash Cymbal Features:

Sizes: 16", 17", 18"
Weight: thin
Volume: low to medium loud
Stick Sound: washy
Intensity: lively
Sustain: medium
Bell Character: integrated