M-Audio US10010 Keyboard Midi Interface

by M-Audio
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M-Audio US10010 Keyboard Midi Interface: What could be more convenient than M-Audio's UNO USB MIDI interface? This ultra-compact USB MIDI interface comes complete with built-in cables - just plug in your UNO and you're ready good to go. You'll love the convenience and space savings this handy 1 x 1 interface gives you, and it's bus powered, so you eliminate pesky power supplies. No more misplacing cables or dealing with cable clutter! Streamline your setup, save money, and get M-Audio quality at the same time! Make USB MIDI simple, with the incredible M-Audio UNO MIDI interface. M-Audio Uno MIDI Interface Features at a Glance: Super-convenient and affordable all-in-one in-line MIDI interface Easily connect your MIDI-equipped hardware to your computer Perfect for keyboards, drum machines, and effects units Streamlined 1-in/1-out MIDI interface gives you 16 MIDI input channels and 16 MIDI output channels Bus-powered operation requires no external power supply Extremely compact and lightweight - perfect for mobile or desktop use LED status lights provide valuable feedback Built-in USB and MIDI cables