Ludwig LE2483RBR 4X13 Snare Drum/Bell Combo Kit

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(Item: 20324831)
Ludwig LE2483RBR 4X13 Snare Drum/Bell Combo Kit: The Ludwig Rolling Bell & Snare Kit has all of the tools needed for developing the complete percussionist. This percussion package includes a 4x13" (8 lug) maple shell snare drum, 2.5 octave (F-C) bell set, combo stand, tunable practice pad, drum sticks, mallets and music stand. Overview Snare - 3x13" Wood Snare Drum Stand - Combination Stand Practice Pad - Tunable Practice Pad Bells - 2.5 Oct. (F ' C) Aluminum Bells Bag/Case - Durable Rolling Compartmentalized Bag New Rolling Bag Design features durable rubber wheels, telescoping pull handle, stylish black & red padded nylon material with heavy duty zippers. Accessories - Sticks, Mallets, Music Rack

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