Lighting & Electronics 12v/75w EYC Bulb

by Lighting & Electronics
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Lighting & Electronics 12v/75w EYC Bulb: Halogen light bulbs have a longer life and a higher light output than incandescent bulbs Halogen bulbs have a whiter and brighter light and less blackening, dimmable with most dimmers Applications: interior, interior recessed lighting, track lighting, security lighting Ushio MR16 EYC halogen bulb, 75W, 12V, Flood FL Base: GU5.3 2-Pin, 3000K, Rated Life (Hr): 5000, Luminous Flux (LM) Volts 12 Watts 75 Base GX5.3 Color Temp 3050 Avg. Life (hrs) 3500 M.O.L. (in.) 45 ANSI # EYC