Korg EXBPCM03 Expansion Card

by Korg
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Korg EXBPCM03 Expansion Card: FUTURE LOOP CONSTRUCTION Provides 16MB of ReCycle-ed drum grooves, so you can freely change tempo independent of pitch. Each groove has been set up as a Pattern that is assigned to an RPPR set (18 in all) so you can play these grooves directly from the keyboard. Styles range from Hip-Hop to Techno to Jazz and even Ethnic loops. Note: The EXB-PCM boards work in both the TRITON series and Karma Music Workstations. For the TRITON series the included .PCG file provides new Programs, Combinations, Arpeggios and/or arpeggio assignments and in some titles new drumkits. For the Karma Music Workstation it will provide the same Programs, Combinations and drumkits. However it does not include new GE's or GE assignments. Of course for both products the boards do provide 16 Mbytes of new PCM data Option For TRITON Music Workstations TRITON Rack TRITON STUDIO Music Worstations Karma Music Workstations