Hosa SH-6X2-20 6ch In w/2 1/4 Pro-Audio Cable Black

by Hosa
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Hosa SH-6X2-20 6ch In w/2 1/4 Pro-Audio Cable Black: The LITTLE BRO' SH 6X2 20 features a compact junction box that still accommodates six mic sends and two multipurpose balanced 1/4" sends/returns. You've got a number of options for each channel's application, since you can transmit balanced audio either direction down the snake. The perfect drum snake! With the LITTLE BRO' SH 6X2 20 you can send six drum mic signals to your main snake, clearing the stage of unnecessary cables and reducing sources of audio problems. Plus, you can connect the line outs of an electronic drum module to keep all your percussion signals in control. Or, use the 1/4" balanced lines to return the drummer's monitor signal - whether to a cabinet or to headphones - in the same snake! All this makes for faster, more accurate setup and strike. Mics go out and mains come back Another scenario that makes the LITTLE BRO' indispensable is in a small vocal group setting. Send your mics to the mixer while returning audio to main or monitor speakers. You'll benefit from having all your audio in control, safe from accidental yanks and disconnections in small clubs or other venues. Practical in the studio, too Besides the obvious value of the LITTLE BRO' SH 6X2 20 as a studio sub-snake, you can send two separate headphone mixes back to artists using the dual 1/4" balanced lines. It's perfect for setting up a guitar player and bassist so they can stay together in the room, whether their amps are miked or direct inserted! Hosa LITTLE BRO' SH 6X2 20 Features: 20-foot non-locking 6 x 2 sub-snake Compact junction box with six mic and two 1/4" balanced sends Perfect configuration for a drum snake with monitor returns Useful in the studio to send two separate stereo monitor feeds back to musicians