HSS Hohner M2009BX 'C' Crossover 10 Hole Harmonica

by Hohner
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HSS Hohner M2009BX 'G' Crossover 10 Hole Harmonica: New improved cover design gives greater volume and stability while preventing reed rattle. Triple-coated laminated bamboo comb (patented), an innovative renewable natural material. Covers and reed plates fitted with Philips head screws permit easy assembly and disassembly and facilitate maintenance. Channel openings and reed plate edges rounded off for greater playing comfort. The one, the only, the original - the harp that was there when harmonica blues was born. Made famous when played by every serious harmonica player from Little Walter to John Lennon, Paul Butterfield to Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and many, many more. The result of over 100 years of tradition and German craftsmanship, it is still the number one choice of top professionals and the most recognizable model all over the world, known for its full tone and wood comb. Play the Marine Band and be a part of history. Available in 12 major keys, lower and higher octave and minor tunings. Hohner 1896/20 Marine Band Harmonica Features: 10-hole diatonic Pearwood comb