High Spirits Flutes 105WT Golden Eagle F# Walnut/Turq Flute



(Item: 105WT)
High Spirits Flutes 105WT Golden Eagle F# Walnut/Turq Flute: The High Spirits Golden Eagle in the key of "F?" minor has a haunting, ethereal voice that touches the heart and spirit. Crafted from domestic walnut, a hardwood, it is sealed with non-toxic oils which give it a clear, bright voice especially on the high notes. It is inlaid with turquoise cabochons which add to the natural beauty of the wooden flute and enhance the functional art quality of the instrument. An added advantage to this hardwood is durability for outdoor use such as hiking and backpacking. It is deeper in tone than the Red Tail Hawk. The flute is tuned in the key of "F?" minor and it can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "A". It is a 6-hole flute, we cover the 3rd hole from the top of the flute (known as the 6th hole) with a leather tie, giving the option to use it as a 6-hole or a 5-hole flute. This flute is 22.5 inches (57.15 cm) long.

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