Hearos 309 Rock 'n Roll Series Ear Filters

by Hearos
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Hearos 309 Rock 'n Roll Series Ear Filters: New reusable, triple-flanged design Protection for drumming, clubs, and loud music Cool, neutral black color Reusable and washable One pair + free case NRR 27 Hearos New Rock 'N Roll reusable ear plugs are made with a sharply tapered, 4 flange design to fit nearly everyone perfectly. The extra-long stem features two ridges and a removable plastic stiffener, which together make insertion and removal a snap. No more fumbling with short stemmed, slippery little ear plugs. The innovative pinch-to-open carry case is roomy enough to carry several pairs of ear plugs comfortably in pocket or purse so you have your Hearos Rock 'N Roll ear plugs ready at hand whenever you need them. Hearos New Rock 'N Roll are ideal for many high noise situations, especially where you need to be able to hear a little of what is going on around you, while you remain protected from ambient noise up to 112 dB. Recommended for outdoor shooting of small caliber weapons, use in the home workshop, for yard work, and most noisy venues including workplaces, motorsports, and loud concerts.