Gator GP-PC304W Drum Hardware Case

by Gator
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(Item: GP-PC304W)
Gator GP-PC304W Drum Hardware Case: Instead of tossing your drum hardware in your trunk like you just don't care, get the Gator GP-PC304W Drum Hardware Case. It's rotationally molded, which gives the corners incredible strength and also enhances water resistance. So the GP-PC304W Drum Hardware Case is like a bomb shelter for your gear. And because it's got heavy-duty casters built right in, it's incredibly easy to get up on stage and back. And don't forget that you'll prevent your drum hardware from slipping around and damaging the rest of your gear, when you use the Gator GP-PC304W Drum Hardware Case! Recognized as the industry standard rotationally molded drum cases Provides strength, durability, and simplicity for almost any drum size The rotational molding process gives added strength and durability to case corners and provides water resistance that non-roto molded cases can't match