Galaxy Audio AS-1100 120 Channel Wireless & In Ear Monitor

by Galaxy Audio
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Galaxy Audio AS-1100 120 Channel Wireless & In Ear Monitor: 1100 SERIES Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System with EB3 Earbuds Freq N The AS-1100 features a transmitter with stereo XLR/¼" inputs, headphone output, and LCD display, which displays the channel and input level The Receiver has an LCD with channel, battery level, and RF/AF indicator The AS-1100 is perfect for anyone looking for a first system or to upgrade to the next level AS-1100T Transmitter Transmits in Stereo or Mono Light Up LCD Display Channel Number and Frequency 120 Selectable Channels XLR/¼" Combo Input AF L/R Indicator RF Output 10 mW AS-1100R Receiver LCD Display with Backlight Headphone Output Volume Control 4 Bar Battery Life Indicator RF and AF Indicator 100 mW Headphone Output Ear Buds Included 3 The Galaxy AS-1000 Any Spot wireless in-ear personal monitor system is a great alternative for performers weary of lugging around heavy, bulky floor monitors and tired of leaving a gig with ringing ears. The AS-1000 Any Spot wireless in-ear personal monitor from Galaxy Audio is effective at eliminating stage noise. In-ear personal monitors are also good for protecting your ears from damage, allowing you to move around a stage, and eliminating feedback. The Any Spot is easy to use and replaces floor wedges and the amplifiers that power them. Simply plug it into a monitor out on a mixing console, create the desired mix, and the AS-1000 is ready to deliver quality sound. It has 64 UHF frequencies from which to choose the best and clearest and the transmitter can operate in either stereo or mono modes. The AS-1000 features a true diversity receiver with 2 antennas. Each antenna seeks the signal from the transmitter individually. This means fewer dropouts than with a non-diversity system. In the rare event of a dropout, an auto-mute feature kicks in so you don't hear any static. The transmitter has RCA, XLR, and 1/4" inputs on the back. It allows simultaneous broadcast of audio signals from a source such as a CD player, tape player, computer, iPod, etc, and a microphone while offering individual level adjustment for each of the 2 sources. This works great for presentations or for a solo performer who wants to monitor a microphone and backing track. Galaxy AS-1000 Any Spot Wireless In-Ear Personal Monitor System Specifications: * AS-1000R Receiver * Model no.: AS1000R * Frequency Range: UHF 682-698MHz. 64 CH * Case: Body-pack in-ear personal monitor * Oscillator: PLL synthesized * Receiving Mode: Single channel. Diversity * Frequency Stability: ±0.005% * Receiving Sensitivity: At 5 dBuV over 80dB S/N ratio * Image & Spurious Rej.: 80dB minimum * Selectivity: > 50dB * Modulation Mode: FM * IF Frequency: 1st: 56MHz 2nd: 10.7MHz * Dynamic Range: >96dB * S/N Ratio: >94dB, at 15KHz deviation and 60dBuV antenna * input AF Response: * Headphone: 100Hz to 10KHz (±3dB) * Line: 40Hz to 15KHz (±3dB) T.H.D. * <1%(at 1KHz) Power Supply * DC 3V ( 2 x 1.5V AA batteries or rechargeable * batteries) Audio Output: * Headphone stereo output: 20mW * Line stereo output level: -10dB Current Consumption: * 130mA ± 10mA Dimensions (W x H x D): * 3" x 4.2" x 1.2" (76 x 106 x 29mm) AS-1000T Transmitter * Frequency range: UHF 682 ~ 698MHz * RF power output: 10mW or 100mW * Frequency stability: ±0.005% * Maximum deviation: ±48KHz with limiting compressor * Spurious emission: >60dB below carrier frequency * T.H.D.: <1% (at 1KHz) * Power supply: DC12 ~18V * Tone key: 32.768 KHz * Current consumption: 140mA ±10mA(100mW) * Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.31" x 1.73" x 7.1" (211 x 44 x 180mm)