Fender Rumble Studio 40 Bass Guitar Combo Amp Black Tolex

Color/Material: Black Tolex


(Item: 885978876846)
Fender Rumble Studio 40 Bass Guitar Combo Amp Black Tolex: The Fender Rumble Studio 40 Bass Combo is a 40 watt bass guitar amplifier built for the practice room and the studio. It has a very compact design yet features a 10'' driver alongside a tweeter, switchable on/off for your ideal sound. The Rumble Studio 40 packs in the same modelling technology as found on Fender's popular Mustang GT series of amplifiers. This gives you access to dozens of amplifier and cabinet models based on Fender's back-catalogue of products throughout the decades. Here you should be able to find any sound you need. The amplifier also has a plethora of studio-quality effects on hand, including time-based effects, modulations, pitch effects and more. The Rumble Studio is equipped with Bluetooth to enable wireless music playback, along with a USB recording output for a no-fuss approach to studio recording. The amp has a WiFi connection, letting you access Fender's cloud to share tones. This is a very versatile amplifier with a plethora of tones and effects that should cover every sound you need for your practice and recording sessions.

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