Fender 2311500000 Frontman 20G Electric Guitar Amp



(Item: 717669590390)
Fender 2311500000 Frontman 20G Electric Guitar Amp: Voltage 120V Wattage 20 Watts Controls Normal Volume, Gain, Drive Select, Drive Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass Channels Two Inputs One 1/4" Effects Overdrive Jack 1/8" Stereo Cabinet Material 3/4" Particle Board Amplifier Covering Black Textured Vinyl Grille Cloth Silver-Strand Front Panel Black Handle Molded Plastic Strap with Nickel-Plated Caps Speakers One - 8" Fender® Special Design Total Impedance 8 ohms Amp Height 12.4" (31.5 cm) Amp Width 13.25" (33.65 cm) Amp Depth 7.13" (18.1 cm) Amp Weight 15 lbs (6.80 kg)

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