Ebtech LLS-2 2-Channel Line Level Shifter

by Ebtech
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Ebtech LLS-2 2-Channel Line Level Shifter: The Line Level Shifter uses the physics of inductance and impedance matching to increase or decrease the signal voltage without the added noise of active electronics. The Line Level Shifter also converts back and forth between balanced and unbalanced signals automatically. This is great because most -10dBV signals are unbalanced, while most +4dBu signals are balanced. It also contains Hum Eliminator technology to prevent groundloops that cause AC hum.

No Buzz. No signal degradation. No filtering. No noise gates. No dangerous ground lifts. NO HUM!

Converts back and forth -10dBV and +4dBu.

Automatic balanced/unbalanced conversion.

Technical Info

Frequency response: 10Hz to 40kHz +/-1dB into a 10kOhm load.

Distortion: less than 0.002%THD @ 1kHz

Crosstalk: better than -97dB