DBX ZonePro 640 6x4 Zone Signal Processor



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DBX ZonePro 640 6x4 Zone Signal Processor: The ZonePro products have been created to provide state-of-the-art signal processing for Background Music (BGM) applications, while maintaining a simple, secure and intuitive interface. From the powerful DSP modules to the multiple control interfaces, the ZonePro products provide all the processing and control necessary for BGM installations. Additionally, the GUI interface and Wizard function allows any contractor to quickly set up and optimize the unit to its full potential by streamlining the setup process and providing a menu based setup procedure that includes system setup and configuration. The ZonePro products are based on the same unparalleled design philosophy that made the DriveRack family famous. This philosophy, "To provide everything you need between the sources and the amplifiers," creates a full featured processor capable of almost any BGM application. The ZonePro products offer two mic/line inputs on Euroblock connectors, and four line inputs on mono-summing dual RCA jacks. Outputs are also on Euroblock connectors. Each input channel provides EQ, while the mic/line inputs also offer two DSP insert blocks with a selection of Compression, Notch Filtering, Auto Gain Control, Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS), Gating, and De-Essing. Each output zone provides a routing matrix where each of the inputs can be selected as the main source or priority source. Paging can be done from the mic/line inputs; both paging and priority override offer full Ducking capability. Each output also provides Autowarmth, full Bandpass and Crossover filtering, Parametric EQ, a selectable Dynamics module and output Delay.

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