Countryman ECLT Left Side Ear Clip for E6 Tan

Color/Material: Tan


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Countryman ECLT Left Side Ear Clip for E6 Tan:

The ideal complement to the Countryman E6 and E6i EarSet microphones, the EarClip provides comfortable, adjustable, extremely low-profile two-ear support. Built of the same lightweight, incredibly durable material used in the E6/E6i, the EarClip tolerates sweat, weather, and makeup, while virtually disappearing on stage. At around half the weight of similar headsets, it fits easily and holds securely without distracting performers. A great choice anywhere EarSets or headsets are used, especially when performer movement demands exceptionally stability.


  • Flexible, telescoping band fits snugly and comfortably around the back of the neck
  • Easily concealed under the hair
  • Over 4 inches of extension allows a quick, secure fit on children and adults
  • Springy boom curves easily for a custom fit, and holds its shape for immediate, no-hassle use
  • For use with Countryman industry-leading omnidirectional and directional EarSet microphones
  • Change performers or change microphones: clip in a directional or omnidirectional Countryman EarSet to respond instantly to any situation
  • Close placement to the mouth ensures high rejection of feedback and unwanted sounds
  • Tan in color; mounts with EarSet microphone over left ear

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