Bob Reeves 43M Dynamic Mass Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Bob Reeves 43M Dynamic Mass Trumpet Mouthpiece: Bob Reeves 43/M 3 Trumpet Mouthpiece Data Sheet Rim: 43 - 43/64" Semi-round with a soft bite Our 43 rim is functionally similar to Bach 2 3/4 C, 3, 3E, 3F, and Schilke 16 rims. Cup: M - 0.242" proprietary cup depth Medium bowl shaped cup Backbore: 3 Flexible, big sound for the strong player. Shank: #4 Our standard - other sizes available. Popular Uses: Big band, commercial, amplified, concert band, pit orchestra Crossover mouthpiece for 2 3/4C diameter players that are looking for a flexible, large sound. Only recommended for strong players.

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