Black Swamp MWBM Woodblock Multiclamp Mount Kit



(Item: 874717004633)
Black Swamp MWBM Woodblock Multiclamp Mount Kit: Includes Clamp, Screws, and Grommets Fits 3/8" Accessory Posts Eliminates Need for Bulky Table Top ITEM DETAILS The Black Swamp Percussion Woodblock Multiclamp Mount Kit attaches securely to the back of your Rock Maple Woodblock using the supplied screws, grommets and clamp. The clamp fits a standard 3/8" knurled accessory post and allows for convenient placement in multi-percussion set ups that won't require trying to figure out where to add in a table top. Attaching the mount to the body of the woodblock will not effect the resonance or tone of the instrument.

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