Big Fat Snare Drum BFSD12DON S Donut 12" Drum Effect

by Big Fat Snare Drum
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Big Fat Snare Drum BFSD12DON S Donut 12" Drum Effect: OVERVIEW Plastic and Rubber with 5" Center Cut Out Heavy and Balanced So No Tape is Necessary Allows for Natural Snare Head Feel Creates Low, Thumpy Sound with Brighter Snare Response Lowers Fundamental Pitch of Snare Drum Thumb Cut Out for Quick Removal ITEM DETAILS The Big Fat Snare Drum 12" Steve's Donut Dampener is designed to easily transform any snare drum into a beefy, 70's-esque drum. This dampener is made from a blend of rubber and plastic materials that does not require any tape or gels and lowers the fundamental pitch of the drum. Unlike the Original model, this dampener does not cover the entire head and instead the center of the dampener is cut out so you are still playing on the actual snare drum head. This 5" cut out gives you a brighter snare response paired with the low thump created by the dampener. Designed with a thumb cut out for quick removals, the Original Dampener is perfect for drummers that want two dramatically different snare sounds but don't want to carry a second snare drum and stand to every gig.