Audix OM7 Vocal Dynamic Microphone



(Item: 687471101100)
Audix OM7 Vocal Dynamic Microphone: All around great mics for vocals and a wide range of instruments, the OM mics feature a proprietary anti-feedback design for great handling, and are built to last! The top of the line in the OM Series, the OM-7 does wonders for lead and background vocals! Designed specifically for pro touring, the OM-7 features a "controlled low-gain output stage" resulting in significantly higher gain before feedback. This means clear, natural and undistorted sound even under the most critical live conditions! Audix OM7 features: Hand Held Dynamic Hypercardioid pattern 144dB SPL Proprietary anti-feedback design Durable scratch resistant spring steel grille Black E-coat Finish Less strain to be heard above the band Gold plated contacts VLM Very low mass diphragm Reduced phase shift Superior transient response Pouch & clip included Application specific microphones Individually tested & hand assembled Highest levels of gain before feedback Exceptional off-axis rejection Built to last a lifetime

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