Audio-Technica U853R Unipoint Hanging Choir Condenser Microphone Black

by Audio-Technica
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Audio-Technica U853R Unipoint Hanging Choir Condenser Microphone Black: The U853R cardioid condenser hanging microphone is equipped with UniGuard technology that offers unsurpassed immunity from radio frequency interference. With a consistent cardioid polar pattern, the mic offers natural sound and superior gain before feedback. It is phantom powered and features an integral 80Hz low-cut UniSteep filter that reduces pickup of low-frequency ambient noise.

Includes AT8153 two-stage foam windscreen; AT8451 steel hanger; AT8538 power module; AT8438 5/8"-27 stand adapter.


Audio-Technica U853R Cardioid Condenser Hanging Microphone Features:

  • Designed for suspension over choirs, instrumental groups and theater stages
  • Superior off-axis rejection for maximum gain before feedback
  • UniGuard RFI-shielding technology offers outstanding rejection of radio frequency interference (RFI)
  • UniSteep filter provides a steep low-frequency attenuation
  • Accepts interchangeable elements available optionally in several polar patterns
  • Low-profile design with low-reflectance finish for minimum visibility