Selmer S402C1 C* S80 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

by Selmer
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Selmer S402C1 C* S80 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece: A hard rubber mouthpiece has many advantages over the inexpensive plastic ones generally provided with many instruments. Two most common advantages are the material is much denser and thus provides a more even tone throughout all registers, and it also lends itself to being machined more precisely and in turn offers a higher quality and better crafted mouthpiece. Commonly used in more classical applications because of the smooth even tone, the Selmer S-80 focuses strongly on intonation and providing a centered sound throughout all registers.
Square cross section in the chamber
Great for a "step up" mouthpiece
Tip opening: 1.70
Facing length: 22.00
Facing length: 22.00, Tip opening: 1.70
Standard in professional mouthpieces
Improve the sound and response from their instrument
Ideal for most any style of music