David Hite 118 Premier Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

by David Hite
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David Hite 118 Premier Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece:

J & D Hite David Hite 118 Premier Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
The modestly priced PREMIERE mouthpiece line is designed and produced to meet the highest professional standards. Although marketed as student line mouthpieces, PREMIERES are used by many professionals because of their rich sound and flexibility. These mouthpieces are extremely popular as "step-up" mouthpieces for players who would benefit from a better mouthpiece but are put off by the higher prices.

PREMIERE mouthpieces are extremely reed friendly. Because they do not require excessive biting or force of air to make them play, they have a profound influence on the development of an ideal embouchure. Facing: Medium length, .090" tip

  • PREMIERE by HITE mouthpieces are made of plastic -- the same type material used in many professional mouthpieces. A super tough mouthpiece tooth patch is supplied with each mouthpiece to help control teeth wear and improve the players auditory perception. 
  • Like the professional J & D HITE line, PREMIERE mouthpieces are rough faced using Hite's personally crafted facing cams. Then each one is personally hand faced and finished by Jean and David Hite. 
  • Each PREMIERE mouthpiece is individually play-tested and adjusted to the highest performance standards.

The efficiency of the facing design and the accuracy of the finishing make PREMIERE alto and tenor saxophone mouthpieces ideal all around mouthpieces. They are extremely versatile, capable of producing a variety of tonal colors for a variety of musical styles. Each model is produced with one preferred facing. 

Medium or medium hard reeds cut with a strong center and thinner sides (such as the Rico Jazz Select, LaVoz or Vandoren Java) work well with the overall mouthpiece and facing design.