Fender Giygas Fuzz Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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Fender Giygas Fuzz Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal: Fuzz pedal for guitar and bass Clean blend allows you to dial in your clean tone with the fuzz effect, perfect for maintaining fundamental tones Premium components used throughout, including EQ-centric op-amps Mid tone control for 10dB boost/cut to dial in your midrange Tilt EQ offers fast tone shaping, boosting highs while cutting lows or vice versa Internal trim pot offers a boost/cut at 40Hz, great for exaggerated fuzz or cleaning up your low end Internal slider shifts the center frequency of the mid boost and tilt EQ from 900Hz (great for guitar) to 250Hz (great for bass) Requires 9-volt negative-center power supply, not included

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