LR Baggs .090 Dual Source Acoustic Guitar Pickup

by LR Baggs
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LR Baggs .090 Dual Source Acoustic Guitar Pickup: The Dual Source Pickup System is a miniature onboard microphone/pickup mixing system that features all discrete Class A circuitry. The DS seamlessly combines a high-tech ribbon transducer with a high-quality FET condenser capsule for an affordable, simple-to-use one cord mix. A soundhole-mounted controller provides fingertip control of volume and mic levels. If you insist on having the presence and air that only a mic can add but do not want to haul around a rack full of gear or cut your guitar to install knobs, check out the DS. Features Compatibility with other popular mics and pickups Split stereo or mono outputs available on the strapjack The soundhole-mounted Remote Control provides stereo pickup and mic volume controls Tunable low-frequency control and phase inversion for the mic Secure mounting that won't harm guitars Remote battery mounting