Flight Form 151B Concert Classical Guitar Case

by Flight Form
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Flight Form 151B Concert Classical Guitar Case: TKL has engineered a case that exceeds all expectations with its 24/7 protection. These soft shell cases offer the rigid wood shell of a hard shell case while offering added flexibility associated with a guitar bag. Features: •Flexible and rigid at the same time •Available in twelve different guitar styles •Secure metal locking latches for added safety About TKL Started in 1984 by Tom and Donna Dougherty, TKL Products Corp. was founded to provide high-quality cases and bags, just-in-time, to domestic and international musical instrument manufacturers and distributors. Today, TKL’s vast production space and incredibly knowledgeable and innovative R & D teams make TKL extremely well-positioned to respond quickly to the music industry's needs. TKL is proud of its history and of the dedicated people who helped make the company what it is today: a leading supplier of the most comprehensive line of musical instrument cases, bags and covers in the industry, with a reputation for integrity and continued commitment to innovation, quality and value. Industry leaders, the world over, have made TKL their first and only choice for fine musical instrument cases and bags. We invite you to join our many satisfied customers who know that TKL stands for innovation, quality and value - without question, without compromise.