Korg MonologueBK Monophonic analog Synth



(Item: 951753456487)
Korg MonologueBK Monophonic analog Synth: Analog monophonic synthesizer with built-in 16-step sequencer Save your own sounds for instant recall (ships with 80 factory presets plus 20 user locations) VCO 1 offers Saw, Triangle, and Square waveforms, with waveshaping VCO 2 offers Saw, Triangle, and Random waveforms, with waveshaping, Sync, and Ring Mod 2-pole VCF is optimized for monophonic bass and lead sounds Three Envelope Generator modes allow for creative sound shaping LFO ranges from very slow to very fast, with a 1-shot mode for envelope-like modulation effects Analog Drive circuit adds subtle punch and intensity to full-on distortion 16-step sequencer with per-step parameter lock for creating complex, animated sequences Sequences can be transposed on the fly by pressing any key 25-key slim keybed, E to E for ease of use in a band setting Supports Micro Tuning, with 12 user-savable scale locations Auto-tuning circuit maintains rock-solid tuning stability, even when playing for hours

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