Enter Hoffman's "New" Logo Contest & win a $200 Gift Certificate to our store! Simply email your design in vector art format to newsletter@hoffmanmusic.com by May 25th, 2017.

Here's our original logo:


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What we're looking for in a new logo:

  • Name to be clear when sized from tiny to extra-large.
  • If clarity can be maintained while conveying music or instruments, bonus!
  • Needs to look good in black & white and in a simple color scheme.
  • Open to all styles including: wordmark, pictorial, letter mark, etc...
  • Should keep sleek & simple and avoid a busy look.
  • In vector art format.


Here's some preliminary designs, but feel free to submit whatever design(s) that you like!




After receiving as many designs as possible, we’ll boil it down to the top 10/15.  We'll then send a survey
out on May 25th ,2017 for everyone to select their favorite design and together we'll select

a winning design by June 2nd, 2017. 

To enter, simply reply to this email with your artwork.  Winning design receives a $200 Gift Certificate

good at Hoffman Music or Hoffman Pro Systems (440 W Sharp 509-462-8000)!

(The copyright of all designs submitted to Hoffman Music are owned by the designer who submitted the design

until that design has been selected as the winner of the contest.  Ownership and copyright of the design

will then be Hoffman Music’s.)


Contact Hoffman Music today for any further questions.

1-800-769-3949 Extension 251

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Open 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday.
1430 N Monroe Spokane WA 99201
509-444-4140 / 1-800-769-3949